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Online Chat Tonight and new blog

Hi all,

I'm going to stop posting on here eventually, and wanted to let you know that you can read my blog on this syndicated link:
Also, I’m having a live chat on my website TONIGHT (Tuesday, Feb 3) at 7:00 PM EST. Happy to talk about PARTIES & POTIONS, the rest of the Magic in Manhattan series, writing, TV (how good was Gossip Girl last night?), Twilight (doesn’t it seem like all conversations lead to Twilight?), or anything you’d like.
The room will be open from 7:00 until 8:00 pm EST. Just go to the events section of my website http://www.sarahm.com/YA%20Site/YA_sm5_events.htm
and sign in.

Hope to see you tonight!
Hugs & wishes,


New Blog & Virtual Event

So the reason I haven't been blogging that much here is because I have a new blog on my website. The link is: http://www.sarahm.com/blog/
Does anyone know how to automatically send the blog over here? Or do I have to paste each one? Advice appreciated!

Also, in case you haven't seen the other blog...

1. Parties & Potions is out! Yay!

2. I'm having a virtual party in virtual reality tonight on There.com. To take part, you have to be a member. It’s FREE. And they’re having a promotion right now with CosmoGirl magazine that will give you their voice feature (which usually has a cost) with the free basic membership. So instead of just texting we’ll be able to talk at the event.

The sign-up path for this promotion starts through this URL: http://www.there.com/cosmogirl/

Once you’re a member, you can sign up for the event right here:


Note: You’ll have to download some software, and  doesn’t seem to be working on my Mac, only on a PC.

Four hundred people have already signed up and I’m super excited. If you’re not already a There.com member I would join before the event to figure out how to navigate this virtual reality thing. I know I’m not entirely sure how to walk yet.

OK, that’s it!

More frequent updates on my website blog, I swear!

Hugs & wishes,

Not so scary

Yes, I am a very bad blogger. I really want to write more often, and I will try very hard to do so in the future. I also got my lovely web developer to add a blog page to my website, so at some point soon I’m going to move this over to sarahm.com.

But for now…

Hello! And happy Halloween!

I have been challenged by Lauren Myracle to face one of my fears. I was supposed to do it by the end of the day.

That did not happen.

The fear will have to be faced next week. Once Gimme a Call has been turned in and once I am no longer sick. (Performing my challenge while sick is actually dangerous to the subject of my challenge, so it's not a totally lame excuse.)

What is the fear I will face?

Normally it would be riding a bike. You can see here pics.livejournal.com/sarah_mlynowski/pic/00001e8b what happened the last time I tried to ride a bike. It was four years ago, and it was not a success. (Watch me drive into a bush.) Riding a bike is very, very scary.

At the moment, I can't try riding a bike.

At the moment there is something I find even more terrifying.

It's changing a diaper.

Yes, changing a diaper scares me. How does one keep the baby from rolling off the changing table?  How does one tape up the diaper so that it doesn't fall off yet doesn't hurt baby's bottom?
On a scale of one to ten, how gross will it be?

Fortunately, changing a diaper is something I must learn how to do...by March 4.

This is because I'm five months pregnant.


(Look at that, Lauren! I've just faced a fear even bigger than changing a diaper....mentioning being prego on the internet.)

But there you have it. Now is not the best time for me to experiment with bike riding. Or rollerblading. Or the elliptical machine. Or getting off the couch.

Now back to the diaper thing...a lovely writer friend has offered to teach me how to change a diaper. There will be no video, because the lovely writer friend does not want images of her lovely new baby floating cyberspace. But there will be photos of my expressions while trying to change the diaper.

But it must wait until next week.

Forgive me, Lauren!

Is it September yet?

I can't deal with crappy summer TV anymore.

Yes, I know the Olympics are on, but I'll admit it : I don't, um, care for them. (I know Justine is going to read this and yell at me. But I cannot lie.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the reason movies did so well this summer is because there was nothing to watch on TV.

You'd think I would have been a better blogger with all my free time. Or at least finish my book (due in two weeks!), but for some reason that did not happen.

But back to TV.

OK, Mad Men came back, and I love that show.

My Boys was pretty awesome, but that ended forever ago.

I tried ordering Showtime. But starting Weeds from season 3 or 4 or whatever is not working out.

I know one option is to rent full seasons of TV shows I've missed. Like Weeds. Or Buffy. (I don't know why I totally missed the boat on Buffy. Maybe we didn't get it in Canada? Unclear.)

Unfortunately, I don't fully understand how to work the DVD player. I might have broken it when I accidentally double loaded it.

But the wait is almost over!!!!! My DVR will be bursting in the next few weeks. Greek! Gossip Girls! 90210! The Office! 30 Rock! Dirty Sexy Money! Entourage! Grey's! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Chuck! Lipstick Jungle! New L&Os! And Fringe!  (I forgot to list my favorite reality shows...Amazing Race, Survivor and Apprentice. If that's coming back?)

What, you think I watch too much television?

If I couldn't write this summer, how am I ever going to write this fall?



If you read my last post, then you saw Lauren out me as a BAD SPELLER. Fine. It was a typo. But I promise you, any post now, I will make an egregious spelling mistake that will make you roll your eyes and wonder how I ever got to be a professional writer.

(Number of times I misspelled egregious before spell checking it--3)

Other things you may want to know about me...(Or not. But this is my blog, and I can write about whatever I want! Suckers.)
1. I lie a lot.

2. I like lists. OK, you probably guessed that from this...list. But did you know I also like charts? Specifically excel files? Every day I create a new excel file describing how many words I will write that day. The one I made today looks like this:


3. As you can see from the "Actual" column, I never write the amount of words I am supposed to. I guess I even lie to myself. When I kept a diary, I used to forget to write in it for months and then backdate twenty entries. I will try not to do that with this blog. It might be obvious, eh?

4. I do not know how to ride a bicycle. Unfortunately, I am not lying. My parents tried to teach when I was a small fry, but I refused to let them take off the training wheels. Here is video of my husband trying to teach me how ride a bicycle on vacation a few years ago, and me driving into a bush. http://pics.livejournal.com/sarah_mlynowski/pic/00001e8b

5. I get obsessed with things. Often. This week I am obsessed with: Turkey pepperoni, Sudoko and hot pink nail polish.

6. I am also obsessed with Law & Order. But this is a life obsession.  Hmm,  if you've ever read anything I've written, then you probably already know this since I constantly talk about Law & Order. I write with it on all day. I DVR the episodes and then let them run while I write first drafts. Hmm, perhaps I would be able to meet my word count if I turned off the TV?

7. I am a hypochondriac. (Number of times before checking spell check...2.) I will try to refrain from listing all my imaginary illnesses on this blog. But you should know right now that I have mole on my leg that I think is up to something.

So their you go.

(Kidding! THERE you go! But I am especially bad with homophones.)

Hugs and wishes,


It's a Canuck

Happy Canada Day!

Yes Americans, us Canadians have our OWN day of excitement. (We also have our own dollar, but even these days, I'd rather earn yours.)

We are celebrating 141 years since confederation--since Canada got its own federal government. (Please do not ask me to explain further because I'd have to make stuff up.)

I am currently watching the fireworks from my window. I should probably go outside to watch them, but I am feeling a bit lazy.

Lazy, but proud to be Canadian!

Did you know that Canadians invited penicillin? And the light bulb? And Velcro? And basketball? And....the chocolate bar??? (JULY 3rd Update: OK, what I meant was invented. INVENTED. See comment below.)
The chocolate bar! I am honored / honoured to be a Canuck.

I only get embarrassed about my Canuckiasm when I am unmasked as a fraud in my fiction.

For example, just this weekend my sister called to tell me that while reading the ARC of Parties & Potions, she noticed that I had included the entire "Skip around the room" birthday song and that nobody in the States (yes, that's what we call America) would know what I was talking about. Since all the characters who sing this song are American, this would be a problem.

"What do you mean?" I cried. "You must be mistaken!"

"No," she insisted. "They have never heard it. It's a Canadianism."

"But  at least 10 Americans have read the book and no one else has mentioned not knowing the birthday song."

"Canadianism," she repeated.

So I asked Lauren Myracle and E. Lockhart. Enid said she'd never heard of it, and Lauren said:

"There is no "skip around the room" song for normal people.  Only for your
country mates.  And it involves poutine."

It does not involve poutine. Which is unfortunate, because I love poutine. Poutine is a whopping plate of French fries, gravy and cheese curds. Yum. (Seriously.)

Anyway, in case you are curious, the skip around the room song takes place post the Happy birthday song, once the birthday girl has blown out her candles.
And it goes:

"Skip around the room! Skip around the room, we won't shut up till you skip around the room! Skip around the room! Skip around the room, we won't shut up till you skip around the room!"

It's repeated over and over again until the birthday girl skips around said room or strangles the singer.

I'm wondering if this song is of British origin. Most weird things we say are.

Other Canadianisms that I've mistakenly believed were universal and gone ahead and included in books:

Close the lights (you say turn off the lights)

Expiry date (Expiration date)

Writing an exam (Taking an exam)

Kraft dinner (Macaroni and cheese)

Elastic (actually, I don't know what you say. If you were going to put your hair in a ponytail, what would you need?)

That's it for tonight. Must have some ketchup chips before bed. Only in Canada folks.




Scary E-mail


So I just got this e-mail from a reader...

Okay, SO heres the deal, I thought that chick lit was the same as teen lit, I read bras and broomsticks, and completely fellin love with your writing, so I bought Monkey buissness online, it is just horribly inapropreate, obviously, I spelled that wrong, because I am only twelve, and I already had read the first two chapters, it was so incredably GROSS!!!



I'll begin with an explanation. My website is divided into two sections. Chick Lit and Teen Lit.

My chick lit books: Milkrun, Fishbowl, As Seen on TV, Monkey Business, Me Vs Me, Girls' Night In, Girls' Night Out and See Jane Write

The Magic in Manhattan books and How to Be Bad are the teen books.

The chick lit books are all for adults. And by adults, I'm thinking 16 and up. Because e-mails like the above make me feel very crappy. Also, I should mention that Monkey Business is the....sexiest of all my adult books. (That totally made you all want to read it, didn't it?)

Anyway. If you are under 16...beware! My adult books deal with adult issues. Like sex. And other things that adults do.

Fine, if you're under 16 you can still read See Jane Write, because that's a how-to book. And not a How To Have Sex book. (Get your head out of the gutter, people.)

The above e-mail caused me extra concern because Milkrun and Fishbowl are being reissued in November with teen-friendly covers. I've asked Harlequin to make sure that there is a 16 and up warning on the books, so I'm hoping they listen...

In other Fishbowl news, the book might one day become a movie! (Yeah, I know the 'might' tempers the excitement, but we're dealing with Hollywood here.)

The scoop:
Dilshad Vadsaria, the fabo actress who plays Rebecca Logan on the ABC Family show GREEK is optioning the book.

Yay! Maybe this time...

(I have two expired options under my belt. Two expired options and no movie. But here's hoping!)

I always thought Fishbowl would make a fun movie. Yeah, I'm aware all authors think their books will make fun movies, but I've written a lot of books and out of all my books, I've always believed Fishbowl would be one of the most fun to see on the big screen.

The funnest, perhaps.

Yes, I know that funnest is not really a word but now that I'm almost a movie star, I can do whatever I want.

And what I want right now is to pretend I'll have some say in the casting.

So, what do you think...

Rebecca as Emma.

America Ferrera as Alli.

Has anyone reading my new blog read Fishbowl and want to play?